On the Surface

On Friday 10 October, metis‘s exhibition On the Surface will open at the gallery of the Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Denmark. For the exhibition, we’ve worked with the Danish carpet manufacturer, ege, to produce a 16m x 10.5m textile drawing that will cover the floor of gallery.

The official press release for the exhibition reads:
On the Surface presents seven projects by metis, which range from installations to large urban restructuring proposals. Working between two contrasting scales, the exhibition examines the complex topographics of the surface in metis’s architecture. Visitors entering the exhibition will encounter a vast drawing on which they walk, carpeting the floor of the gallery. Through this, an internal terrain is inserted within the display space, which is then inhabited by glass displays tables that hold detailed drawings and models. The viewers of the exhibition thus not only see a series of projects, but find themselves – as they travel across scale and space – active participants in a speculative architectural imaginary, one in which the architectural object is always in communication with the broader historical, cultural, material and representational conditions of the city or landscape within which it is positioned.”

Thanks go to Richard Collins and Aikaterini Antonopolou, who worked with us on the project; to Karen Kjaergaard, who has curated the exhibition; to Jan Magdal Poulsen and Karen Lund Hansen at ege; to Rachel Travers; and to Claudia Carbone, Anne Elisabeth Toft and Rikke Jorgensen, for setting the whole thing in motion.

The exhibition runs until 14 November.




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