Latitude and Longitude Resolved

Institut Français d’Ecosse, Edinburgh: 27.09.97-16.11.97

Pitzhanger Manor, London: 12.06.98-24.07.98

A commissioned installation based on the theme of the Grand Tour. In the installation, the absent body of the traveller forms the hinge through which the work’s tremulous furniture communicates with the measured cartographic world beyond the room. The ‘upright’ longitude is related to the posture of the body in the sedan chair and the ‘recumbent’ latitude to the bed. The resolution between them is the mathematical resolution of the forces through the counterweight mechanism, a resolution that is constantly lost and regained as sand gradually slips between the loose weave in the hessian sacks. The work was first shown in an eighteenth-century town house in Edinburgh, before moving to Sir John Soane’s Pitzhanger Manor, where it was imagined as an intervention within the interior landscape of the house.